Entrapment - Agent Provocateur

Listed below you will find a series of documents related to specific cases that you might mind interesting. Please feel free to download any you might find useful. We will continually update this page with new articles so please check back often.


  • The definition of 'Agent Provocateur' - DOWNLOAD
  • Was the offence 'laid on' or did the informant instigate it? - R v Birtles 1969 DOWNLOAD
  • Offence 'laid on' or created by the State? R v McEvilly & Lee 1973 DOWNLOAD
  • Use of police agent who used 'every trick in the book' R v Ameer & Lucas 1977 DOWNLOAD
  • Interviewed when not protected by caution - R v Bryce 1992 DOWNLOAD
  • Interviewed by undercover police on 'equal terms' R v Christou & Wright 1992 DOWNLOAD
  • Use of a 'sting' vehicle NOT entrapment - Williams and O'Hare v D.P.P. 1994 98 Cr. App. R. 209 DC. Divisional Court -   DOWNLOAD
  • Did officers use a trick to entrap the defendants - R v Smurthwaite & Gill 1994 1 All ER 898  DOWNLOAD
  • Entrapment - Did taxi driver have to stop? - Nottingham Council v Amin 2000 DOWNLOAD
  • Was the defendant presented with a ‘unexceptional opportunity’ to commit an offence - R v Loosely 2000   DOWNLOAD
  • Was Police Officers request to buy drugs an inducement to sell them. R v Bellingham (NI) (NICC2) 2003    DOWNLOAD
  • Police Officer created the crime - R v Moon [2004] DOWNLOAD
  • Drug Dealer Sentencing Guidelines - R v Afonso [2004] DOWNLOAD
  • Changing circumstances in police operations must be recorded and authorised - R v Harmes & Crane 2006  DOWNLOAD
  • Latest case from N. Ireland re entrapment and use of 'state agents'  R v McCaugherty 2011   DOWNLOAD
  • Did police induce M to committ and offence?  R v M 2011 DOWNLOAD
  • Defendants 'lured' into supplying cocaine? R v Moores & Burrows  DOWNLOAD
  • Defendants not forced to commit crime nor enter 'sting shop' - R v Palmer 2014 - DOWNLOAD