Listed below you will find a series of documents related to specific cases that you might find interesting. Please feel free to download any you might find useful. We will continually update this page with new articles so please check back often.

  • Identification from CCTV -  R v Moss [2011] DOWNLOAD
  • Identification from CCTV footage - R v Chaney 2009 EWCA Crim 21  DOWNLOAD
  • Identification from known offender on CCTV - R v Dean Martin Smith & Othrs 2008  DOWNLOAD
  • ADVOKATE -One of the most important cases in identification - R v Turnbull 1977  DOWNLOAD
  • Identification & expert opinion from CCTV - R v Clare 1995 DOWNLOAD
  • PACE Code D - Identification of 'known & unknown' suspects by witnesses - DOWNLOAD
  • R v Forbes [2000] When the suspect requests, an identification parade is mandatory - DOWNLOAD