Listed below you will find a series of stated cases that you may find interesting.  Please feel free to download any you might find useful.  We will continually update this page with new articles and cases so please check back.  The cases are not to replace standard law text books on legislation as with time the cases could be overturned or changed.


  • 'Assisting Offenders' Sections 71-75 Serious Organised Crime & Police Act 2005, placing a legal framework around the use of the 'super grass'                  DOWNLOAD
  • The Offender Management Act 2007 - DOWNLOAD
  • Taking articles into prison (OMA 2007) - both actus reus & mens rea required - CPS v M & B 2009  DOWNLOAD
  • R v P - R v Blackburn 2007 - 'Assisting Offenders' that received reductions in sentences   DOWNLOAD
  • Reduction in sentence pre SOCPA -  R v A & B 1998  DOWNLOAD
  • Reduction in sentence s73 SOCPA 2005 - R v Jackson 2009 (Court of Appeal) Unreported   DOWNLOAD
  • R v Bevens [2009] 'Assisiting Offender' who appealed against discounted sentence. (Link to R v Blackburn)   DOWNLOAD
  • R v D [2010] - Review of Sentence for intelligence only -  S.74 SOCPA 2005  DOWNLOAD
  • No guarantee of 50% reduction SOCPA -  R v Ford [2011]   DOWNLOAD
  • HMIP Annual Prison Inspection report 2016/17 - DOWNLOAD