Listed below you will find a series of documents related to specific cases that you might mind interesting. Please feel free to download any you might find useful. We will continually update this page with new articles so please check back often.


  • Filming of drug dealers by public not covered by RIPA 2000 - R v Rosenberg 2006 EWCA Crim 6  DOWNLOAD
  • Using a listening device unlawfully - the catalyst for Part III the Police Act 1997 - Khan v United Kingdom ECHR 195 [2000] - DOWNLOAD
  • Listening in to 'privileged' conversations with client -  R v Robert Sutherland & others 2002     DOWNLOAD
  • The use of observation posts and the protection of informants - R v Johnson 1988  DOWNLOAD
  • The use of observations and protecting the identity of informants - R v Rankine 1986 DOWNLOAD
  • Meeting with Legal Advisor subject to 'covert surveillance' - UKHL 15 [2009] - Re McE, M & C DOWNLOAD 
  • Using observation log to refresh memory - R v Sekhon [1987] DOWNLOAD
  • Police Surveillance Driving - Agnew v DPP [1990] DOWNLOAD
  • Police Driving - R v Bannister [2009] DOWNLOAD
  • Intrusive Surveillance & Property Interference Codes of Practice - DOWNLOAD