Police interview suspects without legal advice at home

It may be attractive to a person anxious of attending a police station to agree to an interview being conducted at their home. At the police station, when cautioned before an interview, a suspect has to be told of his right to consult a lawyer, whether under arrest or if attending as a volunteer (PACE code C paragraph 3.21).

However, concerns are now being raised about police circumventing PACE and interviewing suspects at home without them having access to legal advice.


The experiences of young victims & witnesses

Young victims and witnesses are being "left to flounder" in the criminal justice system, a report has found.

Vulnerable under-18s are not given the opportunity to give evidence by videolink or in written statements, and are told not to speak frankly to counsellors, according to inspectors.


Undercover Cop defied 'bosses'.

An undercover policeman whose actions led to the collapse of a trial of environmental protesters "defied" management instructions, a report says.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) reviewed the activities of Mark Kennedy and other undercover officers.



How supergrass turned the tables in gangland murder

By the time Dean Boshell's blood-soaked body was found in allotments on the outskirts of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, rigor mortis had set in. He had been shot once in the head before the killer fired twice more into his temple.