Arrest by appointment explained

Stated case of Richardson v Chief Constable WMP [2011] gives an insight into the justification and necessity required to arrest someone if they have been invited to the Police Station.  See case in RESOURCE SECTION

Lord Chief Justice and Twitter

The Lord Chief Justice today, (14/12/11) issued guidance on electronic messaging from court

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Covert tactics lead to Real IRA conviction

In light of the forthcoming report on the use of covert or 'undercover' tactics employed by the law enforcement agencies, the conviction of Michael Campbell in Lithuanian marks the culmination of an elaborate international operation involving the police and security services.

The operation uncovered an attempt by the Real IRA to acquire guns and explosives which would no doubt have been used to mount a terror campaign in the United Kingdom.

The operation centred on a brave undercover agent who for years risked his life to provide vital intelligence about the activities of dissident republicans’ plans.


Police & Confessions

Police need to be more aware of the danger of false confessions, according to a study that suggests that up to one in five convicted criminals may have pleaded guilty at some point to an offence they have not committed.