Police & Confessions

Police need to be more aware of the danger of false confessions, according to a study that suggests that up to one in five convicted criminals may have pleaded guilty at some point to an offence they have not committed.


Belfast 'super grass' trial received 'deal of the century'.

Loyalist informer Robert Stewart has denied that he received the "deal of the century" in return for giving evidence against 14 UVF suspects in Belfast's ongoing supergrass trial.

The suggestion came on Stewart's fifth day in the witness box at Belfast Crown Court from a lawyer for one of the accused - UVF commander Mark Haddock.


Undercover Police officers actions - Unlawful

Mark Kennedy was arguably an agent provocateur, says appeal verdict quashing Ratcliffe-on-Soar conspiracy convictions.

Undercover police officer Mark Kennedy was 'involved in activities that went much further than the authorisation he was given', the appeal court judges ruled


Failure to record identification of suspect

Identity parades In R v Devron Pope [2010] EWCA Crim 2113, it was the failure to record the initial identification of a suspect by a police officer from CCTV stills which formed the basis of the appeal. It was accepted that this failure constituted a breach of code D which, in conjunction with annex E, requires that a record be kept of the showing of photographs to all witnesses, including police officers, to assess the reliability of the alleged recognition. Notwithstanding this breach, the court held that the trial judge was entitled to exercise his discretion to admit this evidence under Sec 78 PACE. It was held that this failure did not rob the identification of all validity; rather, it was for the jury to decide whether they were satisfied as to the reliability of the identification