What we do

With over 60 years of combined teaching and training experience, our network of accredited and vetted staff provide a professional service delivering relevant high quality programmes of learning. Working with clients, we identify their needs and design then deliver investigation training programmes to suit. We work alongside several national and international Law Enforcement Agencies and other private sector organisations, developing investigation skills. Our interactive programmes provide innovative, relevant and immersive learning to support the individual and improve organisational performance.

Do you or your staff need to improve their interviewing skills?

Are you sure your investigation was thorough?

Will your decision making be able to stand scrutiny?

Are your processes sufficiently robust?


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To partake in a quiz to help you understand the Attorney Generals Guidelines on Disclosure, please download the App Socrative Student...

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Man jailed for driving car at people

19/2/21 - A man has been sentenced to six and a half years custody after two people were deliberately...

Attorney Generals Guidelines on Disclosure

The AG Guidelines on Disclosure, released 31/12/20 covering the 'rebuttable presumption' of what should be disclosed, if relevant, and the...

Arrest deemed unlawful - Rashid v CC W. Yorks [2020]

An interesting case regarding the 'necessity test' required for arrest of 'Dr. Rashid' from Bradford during Operation Thatcham. Every police...

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