Protecting an informants identity

WV v CPS 2011 - WV brought an application for permission to apply for a judicial review to quash a decision by the CPS to disclose to the defence in a trial that he was the person who had provided the police with information. The CPS had decided not to protect his identity by way of a P.I.I. (Public Interest Immunity) hearing.


Judge praises undercover officer

A judge has praised an undercover police officer who infiltrated a group of British supporters of so-called Islamic State to gather evidence.

Group leader Mohammed Alamgir, 37, was jailed for six years for inviting support for IS at the Old Bailey.


Inquiry into undercover police in N. Ireland

An anti-globalisation activist has won the first stage of a High Court battle to have a major inquiry into alleged wrongdoing by undercover British police officers extended to cover their activities in Northern Ireland.



Undercover Policing - Pitchford Enquiry

Sir Christopher Pitchfords opening remarks:  'The Inquiry’s priority is to discover the truth', and 'I wish to encourage all those with material evidence to give to make themselves known to the Inquiry team'